New Year’s Resolutions

This is my first attempt at blogging. I do so with hesitation. My fears are multiple: (1) Not being authentic; (2) Being a narcissistic navel gazer; (3) Being irrelevant.
Were these also some of my fears of becoming a preacher, back in the day?
Don’t hesitate, reader, to [reply and] keep me on track; call me if you think I’m faking, if you think I’m too self-oriented and not addressing some important “other-folks” concerns, and/or if you think I’m just babbling.


My Resolutions: D + L + E + P

DISCIPLINE personally & professionally. Physically. Spiritually. Emotionally. Relationally. Keep priorities. Don’t allow others to shape them. Do less in order to do it better. Do not allow stuff (tasks, roles, activities, others’ expectations) define me.
All of that requires acceptance of my worth from my Baptismal Name AND from keeping DISCIPLINE.

LOVING Do things out of love more than to try to achieve goals or expectations.
This kind of motivation keeps me focused on priorities and leads to much less disappointment. Loving actions have their own reward; they do not depend on reciprocity.

EXPECTANCY not expectations As I have come to better understand this distinction (through reading, praying, meditating, teaching & preaching) I’m more ready to claim it as a Rule of Life.
I believe that it takes me more out of the cyclical trap of circumstantially defined life. It also frees me from being disappointed in self and others.
I believe this will also enhance my relationships, particularly my interior relationship with the Triune God.
I believe that this will expose me to all kinds of exciting surprises from God.

PEACE I believe that Jesus’ peace (not circumstantially based, as the world gives) is more likely to be known from practicing D + L + E .
I also believe that PEACEFUL PRESENCE is a critical part of my pastoral leadership responsibility .
But such peace cannot be self-created. Personal discipline is important, but primarily in order for my lifestyle to enhance the L + E gifting from God.
Peaceful Presence Pastoral Leadership does not need to “have it my way” in the life of the church.
Abba Romanos understood this kind of leadership when his monks asked him on his deathbed, “How ought we conduct ourselves?” He responded, “I do not think I have ever told one of you to do something without having first made the decision not to get angry if you chose not to do it. And so we have lived in peace all our days.”

(c) 2013 0101

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. That was a very interesting first post, Monty. I applaud your step into something new – your blog- and hope that it will be helpful to you and your readers. Those are lovely photographs, btw.

  2. That’s what I’m working on most too, the love and the peace aspects of it. God has granted me more of that this year. I’m still at peace with the new year. So far.

    And welcome to the world of blogging. My blog is a weekly, mostly professional rumination that you’re welcome to read, but it’s not nearly as thought-provoking as yours.

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