January 14, 2019 Prayerspitality

The following was posted on the FaceBook page “Prayerspitality – a Marriage of Prayer and Hospitality”  Please feel at ease posting replies here or on the FaceBook page.

.    We live in, what Henri Nouwen called, “‘the continuous state of emergency.’ Our world believes itself to be and in many ways is in a continuous state of emergency.  The needs are deep, the needs are immediate and if seen in the collective, the needs are overwhelming. Even if we close the doors all together, the state of emergency is still there.”
.    What do PRAYER and HOSPITALITY say about this state of continuous emergency?
.    When we open the door to invite someone in, (HOSPITALITY) it is becoming vulnerable. We need some sort of confidence or strength to do such a thing.
.    When we open the door to invite God in, (PRAYER) it is also becoming vulnerable. We need to recognize some sort of need to do this.
.     Prayer and Hospitality are inextricably tied. They involve recognition of need and willingness to accept help beyond ourselves. And then they require a response.
.     Like the dance to which the Trinity calls us to be the fourth partner, the circle of Prayer & Hospitality feed, direct and empower.
.     And this Dance may indeed be the only thing that can release us from Nouwen’s described ‘the continuous state of emergency.’

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Nouwen quote above from a wonderful piece found at