These blogs are from a pastor, storyteller, son, husband, father, and journeyman of a life lived in expectancy.
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EXPECTATION Is pre-defined waiting. One definition is the line below which no gift is acceptable, regardless of intent or effort. If it doesn’t live up to our expectation (whether gift, person, circumstance, or even God) it is unacceptable; we are disappointed. When something fails to live up to our expectation, we rarely are able to see what a gift it really is.

Contrasted to Expectation, EXPECTANCY is an air of excitement that something is going to happen that will be a good thing, something that is worth anticipating, something surprising that you can look forward to without specific definition of what will satisfy you.

EXPECTANCY is grounded in a belief that God really is good, and really does love us, and really wants the best for us.

EXPECTANCY takes comfort in the belief that all things really do work for good for those love God and are called according to God’s purpose.

EXPECTANCY is very light in both “being in control” and in “taking credit.” It is counter-cultural. It is a path from which I regrettably sometimes stray.

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